Private Investigations

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Unconquerable Security Solutions (USS) is licensed to provide a highly discreet & professional private investigator to complete inquiries for legal & private corporate matters in Chicago, Illinois, and across the United States. Attorneys rely on our skilled private investigators to support their clients in legal proceedings in a cost-effective manner. Call on us for these & other types of private investigation:

  • Employee surveillance
  • Civilian/Workers Compensation cases
  • Private detective agency work
  • Asset Searches

Employee Surveillance

Employee surveillance is the practice of employers observing and/or tracking the activities, behaviors, and communication of employees in the workplace. This monitoring may extend to online activities, including the use of company-provided devices, access to company networks, email, messaging platforms, and internet browsing.

Civilian/Workers’ Compensation Cases

We can save your company the financial stress of fraudulent workers’ compensation claims. Employers & insurance firms rely on us to conduct legal video surveillance of employees, as well as provide a private investigator to interview & take statements from co-workers. This data can then be used in your court case & other legal investigations in Chicago, IL, and nationwide.

Asset Searches

Assets can be hidden in many clever ways. Our asset search investigation team can identify assets and accounts in Chicago and all 50 states. We provide the most detailed and comprehensive searches available from experts whose analyses are admissible in a court case. Our Investigations are completed by detectives with a background in legal and cyber resources.

Private Detective Agency Work

Lawyers seeking court-admissible evidence rely on our professional investigative services to help win cases. Our investigators are experts in litigation support, providing court testimony to establish facts and substantiate cases. We also are skilled at gathering proof of misconduct by employees at work, such as internal theft, embezzlement, vandalism, or fraud. We work primarily in Chicago but are able to testify nationwide. 

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