Security Consulting

USS Expertise Delivers Peace of Mind

Every organization needs a well thought-out security plan to protect its assets. Refine your security plan with a free consultation at Unconquerable Security Solutions (USS). Our expert management team will assess your organization’s needs & vulnerabilities. Then we can work with you to design a strategy that will accomplish your security objectives. 

Our leadership team includes security experts with decades of law enforcement experience, from the local level to the U.S. Secret Service. They are project management professionals, master problem solvers who can improve your productivity while eliminating errors. They apply business intelligence to a meticulous risk threat analysis, then make recommendations to help secure your physical & cyber assets.

Dual-Phase Approach

Identify, Isolate, Deconstruct, and Define (IIDD)

USS evaluates & identifies your security issues on site. We isolate every situation by analyzing the potential incidents and/or risks associated with it, regardless of cause, size, location or complexity. Then we deconstruct the issues, breaking them down & examining all factors contributing to the security environment. Lastly, we define root problems & variables that will need to be addressed.

Design, Construct, and Implement Solutions (DCIS)

We design & construct custom solutions based on our analysis, then present you with a comprehensive security solution to rectify past problems & reduce future exposure. USS takes great care in considering all of your business criteria & your physical environment to provide an integrated plan with seamless protection.

What's your security strategy?

We’ve got the business intelligence & experience to protect your assets.